Tomás Sánchez Ochovo, appointed General Manager of Procesia

Tomás Sánchez Ochovo has been appointed Managing Director of Procesia, a Technology, Consulting and Advisory company specializing in digital transformation of the Administration and large corporations.

Sánchez Ochovo, has been Director of Operations and Projects at Procesia and previously worked at Isdefe (Systems Engineering for the Defense of Spain, S.A.) as Head of the Interoperability and Integrated Justice System Area and head of the Technological Innovation Department.

He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the Universitat Jaume I, and is a recognized expert in IT Consulting, Systems and Architectures related to Public Administration and the Administration of Justice.

His background also includes his experience in aerospace technologies.

Tomas Sanchez has configured in Procesia a service model of excellence that has positioned it as a strategic partner of the public administration and the administration of justice at state and regional level for the development of digital transformation projects, which can provide from specialists in all branches of law, including proceduralists, to consultants, programmers and system architects.

Procesia specialises in the modernisation of both the public and private sectors and accompanies its clients and business partners in the digital transformation process with innovative solutions adapted to their needs.