LexProces, Procesia’s tool for direct communication with the courts

The company Procesia has just launched the LexProces tool; the first solution on the market in Spain that allows lawyers and solicitors to electronically manage the entire life cycle of files, sign documents using a qualified signature (equivalent to a handwritten signature, according to the European regulation #eidas) in the cloud (with a qualified signature creation device managed on behalf of the signatory) and communicate with LexNET, the platform of the Ministry of Justice, without the need for cryptographic cards.

All this facilitates the management of files from anywhere, which results in significant savings in time and money. The solution is approved by the Ministry of Justice and is integrated with the LexNET application. From LexProces you can instantly file initiating, procedural and execution writs and collect notifications.

One of the biggest problems faced by lawyers and solicitors when signing telematically is the lack of habit and, sometimes, of technical knowledge. Often the process is complex and, therefore, the time spent in the presentation of documents can be excessively long and even, if it is abandoned, it may not be done at all.

In addition, the electronic signature of documents with a physical device (such as the cryptographic card, called “qualified signature creation device” in European regulations) that is connected to the computer, usually involves difficulties in the configuration of drivers and additional programs and is even different depending on the type of equipment or browser. With LexProces, the qualified signature in the cloud is done in just a few seconds (just remembering the password and having the mobile phone nearby to receive the confirmation key that is associated with the provision of consent) and all that is required is an Internet connection.

“The main advantages of LexProces, which brings digital transformation to the legal sector, reducing the friction of its adoption, are legal security, time savings, agility in the management of files and the independence it gives the professional by not requiring advanced technical knowledge, allowing him to focus 100% on his work,” explains Tomás Sánchez, responsible in Procesia for promoting digitalization initiatives in the field of Justice.

LexProces, in addition to facilitating electronic signatures and integrating with Lexnet (the tool of the Ministry of Justice that manages communications between legal professionals and legal operators) organizes the documentation of each file in an agile and simple way, creating different folders in each of them, which are stored securely in the cloud and which can be accessed by other authorized team members. In turn, the tool allows you to invite any of the private professionals involved in the case (psychologists, experts and criminologists, among others) to access the file in a controlled manner and, as configured, to consult and even add documents.

In the same way, the tool registers any relevant event of the case, such as meetings and procedures and the actions associated with the filing of pleadings in LexNET or the receipt of notifications, which are generated automatically and can be shared with both external collaborators and clients.