Spanish rules on electronic evidence

Yesterday was published in the “BOE” number 12, of January 14, 2017, the Resolution of January 9, 2017, of the General Directorate of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, which publishes the list of European standards that have been ratified during the month of December 2016 as Spanish standards. Among them are the standards UNE […]

CTEAJE publishes the bases of the Judicial Interoperability and Security Scheme

The text of the bases of the Judicial Interoperability and Security Scheme (EJIS) is available on the Portal of the Administration of Justice as of 6 July 2015. This document is aligned with the framework of the Plan for the Acceleration of Justice in Digital Environments of the Ministry of Justice, and its publication is […]

The Ministry of Justice, awarded for contributing to technological modernisation

The Ministry of Justice has won the 2015 Electronic Judicial Administration Awards, organized by the Socinfo Foundation and the magazine Sociedad de la Información, for its contribution to the “technological modernization” of the judicial field. The Secretary General of the Administration of Justice, Antonio Dorado, has been in charge of collecting the award and stressed […]

Standard UNE 71506:2013 Methodology for the forensic analysis of electronic evidence.

The recent standard 71506 has been elaborated to define the forensic analysis process within the electronic evidence management cycle, complementing all the other processes that make up the electronic evidence management system, as described in the parts of the UNE 71505 Standard. This standard has been developed by the technical committee AEN/CTN 71 Information Technology […]

UNE 71506:2013 Electronic Evidence Management System (EEMS)

In the BOE no. 235 of 1 October 2013 is published the Resolution of 23 September 2013, which publishes the list of UNE standards approved by AENOR during the month of July 2013. Includes: UNE 71505-1:2013. Information Technology (IT). Electronic Evidence Management System (EEMS). Part 1: Vocabulary and general principles’; UNE 71505-2:2013. Information Technology (IT). […]

ISO 27037 Electronic Evidence Management Guidelines

The ISO / IEC 27037:2012 (Information technology – Security techniques – Guidelines for identification, collection, acquisition, and preservation of digital evidence) provides guidance on best practices in the identification, acquisition and preservation of potential digital evidence to take advantage of its probative value. It is intended for use in digital forensic investigations, aimed at clarifying […]