Standard UNE 71506:2013 Methodology for the forensic analysis of electronic evidence.

The recent standard 71506 has been elaborated to define the forensic analysis process within the electronic evidence management cycle, complementing all the other processes that make up the electronic evidence management system, as described in the parts of the UNE 71505 Standard.

This standard has been developed by the technical committee AEN/CTN 71 Information Technology whose Secretariat is held by AMETIC.

The standard, which is applicable to any organization regardless of its activity or size, or to any competent professional in this field, was published last July.

The UNE 71506 Standard completes the group of standards on electronic evidence management in the ICT field, together with the UNE 71505 series, published in 2013, although it is the only one of them that addresses a methodology for the forensic analysis of this type of evidence.

Its content has been designed to reflect a practical vision of computer forensic analysis.

This standard can help to disseminate and systematize its methodology, especially in Spanish-speaking countries.

At the European level, other standards are being developed to address the same problem in the CEN/PC 405 and CEN/TC 419 committees, ranging from the mere ocular inspection to the defence of the expert’s report, regardless of the specialisation of the expert.