Legaltech, Insurtech, Fintech, Regtech as user industries of digital evidence

Legal technology or technology at the service of law includes techniques and companies that provide them, under the Anglo-Saxon term of legaltech, as an abbreviation of Legal Technology. The types of associated services fall under several headings, one of which covers digital trust service providers that manage digital evidence to support electronic contracting or the […]

Tomás Sánchez Ochovo, appointed General Manager of Procesia

Tomás Sánchez Ochovo has been appointed Managing Director of Procesia, a Technology, Consulting and Advisory company specializing in digital transformation of the Administration and large corporations. Sánchez Ochovo, has been Director of Operations and Projects at Procesia and previously worked at Isdefe (Systems Engineering for the Defense of Spain, S.A.) as Head of the Interoperability […]

TIC in the Justice of the future

In 2009 Ariel and Fundación Telefónica, in collaboration with Editorial Planeta, published the work Las TIC en la Justicia del futuro (ICTs in the Justice of the Future). Justice is one of the sectors of the Administration that faces a greater number of challenges, derivedfrom the growing complexity of Spanish society and its own organization […]

The digital transformation of the Administration of Justice

Authors: María Victoria Cinto Lapuente -Member of the General Council of the Judiciary. Juan Carlos Garcés Pérez – Head of the Judicial Information Technology Section of the General Council of the Judiciary. Gervasio Martín Martín – Director of the Technical Office of the General Council of the Judiciary. This article is from the Tribuna section […]

Electronic testing is now a reality, are we ready?

The evidence provided in court is migrating from printed paper to a virtual medium, which means that its admissibility criteria are changing completely. Electronic evidence (from e-mail to sms or whatsapp), the figure of the digital expert who evaluates it and the fragmentation of the rules that regulate it are the subject of reflection in […]