TIC in the Justice of the future

In 2009 Ariel and Fundación Telefónica, in collaboration with Editorial Planeta, published the work Las TIC en la Justicia del futuro (ICTs in the Justice of the Future).

Justice is one of the sectors of the Administration that faces a greater number of challenges, derived
from the growing complexity of Spanish society and its own organization However, being an information-intensive area, it is one of the areas that can benefit most from the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Justice in Spain can undergo an important positive leap when the three basic processes of this transformation are implemented: technological, organisational and cultural change. All three are essential to achieve an efficient use of new technologies.

There are also three main agents in the promotion of this new Justice: the Ministry of Justice, the General Council of the Judiciary and the Autonomous Communities.

Everyone understands the importance of the use of ICTs and there is a broad consensus regarding the modernisation of Justice, based on two basic elements, the new judicial office and the electronic case file.

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