Noticeman: certified mail with proof of contents

Noticeman is a certified digital communication mechanism that replaces the Burofax and is applied to e-mail and SMS, available at

Multiple names are being used for the same basic concept: registered communication, registered e-mail, registered notification, certified notification, reliable communication, telematic notification, e-Notification.

Although the term reliable notification is probably the most accurate term, in the end the market will settle on a term regardless of whether it is more or less correct.

This is the case of the Burofax, a brand that has become generic.

Noticeman, and, in general, certified mail management systems allow you to send emails with attached documents recording key aspects of the sending process and managing electronic evidences to provide full legal validity to the proof of sending.

How does Noticeman work?

  • The sender composes the message in the Noticeman sending form indicating the recipient’s email address.
  • The platform generates electronic evidence of the moment when the message is completed for sending, of the delivery attempt to the recipient’s mail server, of the moment when the recipient accesses the notification and its attachment, and of the moment when the response to the notification (if any) is generated. Integrity management mechanisms and time stamps are used for this purpose.
  • At any time, the sender of the message can find out the state of progress of the attempted notification and obtain an electronically signed record of the technical processes that provide evidence of this in simple language. This record also includes certain technical data that can be analysed by a computer expert on request.

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