LexNet is a platform for the secure exchange of information between judicial bodies and a wide range of legal operators who, in their daily work, need to exchange judicial documents (notifications, pleadings and lawsuits).

These are notifications in which the identity of the sender and addressee, the full content of the communication and the precise time of transmission, of availability to the addressee and of effective access to the communication are established.

LexNet has become as common a secure working tool in the field of judicial communications as telephone, fax or e-mail.

The system began operating in 2004 and in 2014 manages a not inconsiderable volume of users and communications:

  • It has more than 40,000 users.
  • It is used in more than 2,600 judicial bodies.
  • And it has made it possible to exchange more than 100,000,000 messages.

Lexnet aims to extend a large part of the services offered by the Administration of Justice through the Internet, making them accessible from anywhere and at any time. At present, the system allows:

  • The secure exchange of information.
  • Transparent management of electronic signatures.
  • Paper saving.
  • Immediate communications.

Its use is extended to legal professionals who exchange information with courts in different jurisdictional orders:

  • Judicial Bodies and Registry and Distribution Offices (Judicial Secretary).
  • Solicitors and the College of Solicitors.
  • State Attorney’s Office.
  • Law offices dependent on the State Attorney’s Office (FOGASA, SEPES, AEAT and Insurance Compensation Consortium).
  • Community Advocacy.
  • SJSS Advocacy.
  • Prosecutor’s offices.
  • Lawyers and Bar Associations.
  • Social Graduates.
  • Free Legal Aid Commissions.

New Lexnet

In order to absorb the great growth that LexNet has experienced in recent years, the Ministry of Justice has developed a new version of the LexNet system with a new, more powerful and scalable architecture and with improvements in the user interface. It also adapts better to different user devices, computers and tablets.

The new LexNet system is deployed in Melilla, Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura, Balearic Islands, La Rioja, Galicia, Valencia, Ceuta, Aragon, Andalusia, Castilla y León, Murcia, Central Bodies, Catalonia, Canary Islands, Madrid and Asturias.