Spanish rules on electronic evidence

Yesterday was published in the “BOE” number 12, of January 14, 2017, the Resolution of January 9, 2017, of the General Directorate of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, which publishes the list of European standards that have been ratified during the month of December 2016 as Spanish standards. Among them are the standards UNE […]

In 2016, the Ertzaintza will host the annual meeting of the ENFSI, a scientific body that coordinates 64 forensic and police laboratories of reference in Europe.

The Ertzaintza has been the institution chosen to be responsible in 2016 for the organization of the annual meeting of the ENFSI, the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes that coordinates 64 police and forensic reference laboratories from 36 European countries. The designation of the Ertzaintza, agreed at the meeting of 22 and 23 May […]

UNE 197001:2011 General criteria for the preparation of reports and expert opinions.

The purpose of the UNE 197001:2011 standard is to establish the general considerations that make it possible to specify the formal requirements that expert reports and opinions must have, without determining the specific methods and processes for their preparation. Experts from different professional fields are responsible for drawing up expert reports with multiple purposes: fire, […]