​What is electronic evidence?

Electronic evidences are traces existing in computer equipment that, duly preserved, and put in relation with existing information in other computers or in the context of other evidences or proven facts, allow to prove that an action has been carried out, by computer means or not, and even who has carried it out. There are two fields in which electronic evidence acquires its meaning:

  • In the procedural field, as an evidentiary element. They will be a means used to achieve the conviction of the court regarding the existence, or not, of a certain fact, truth or falsity of a specific piece of information.
  • At the company level. This involves the work of experts in the preparation of risk forecasting plans, as a preventive activity aimed at establishing safety plans, which in the future will guarantee the validity of the evidence provided in possible legal proceedings.

EADTrust offers trusted third party services for the preservation of electronic evidence, supported by consultancy services for the prevention of incidents, for the establishment of management methodologies that allow the preservation of future evidence in case of illicit processing or procedural interventions of any kind, and for the management and preservation of computer evidence, in the processing of various civil and commercial situations.

It also provides expertise in jurisdictional processes and computer forensic processing capacity, specialized according to the context or type of incident.